Chocolate Popcorn Protein

Chocolate Protein Popcorn, I mumbled those words to Dave every day or two ago, and immediately his eyes illuminated. What’s more, sincerely mine did still, as I used to be truly trusting I didn’t must “convince him to attempt” this formula with me.

This was a formula where I didn’t know the way the end result would find yourself, yet I’m so happy I attempted it.

Chocolate paste covering newly popped popcorn. Definitely, we just went there!

Chocolate Popcorn poured out onto a plate

Consistently around special times of the year, I enjoy that undesirable chocolate-covered sweet popcorn prefer it is becoming dated. it is a once a year guilty pleasure and I completely appreciate it. However, for reasons unknown, I started needing chocolate popcorn recently.

So I figured I’d attempt my very own chocolate popcorn this point around. I spotted I needed to aim the same chocolate covering I utilized on my Protein dog food, and I am so happy it clad great.

Chocolate Popcorn in an artisan container

I was stressed that the covering would be too thick or that it wouldn’t have the correct surface. I settled that by putting this within the cooler for a pair of moments and viola, impeccably covered popcorn to appreciate!

I utilized standard normal paste during this formula, yet you’ll likewise utilize the chocolate spread formula on the off chance that you just have it available! On the off chance that you just don’t, it is a great pardon to create some, since it’s AMAZING on bananas and well barely out of the container genuinely!

Chocolate Popcorn poured out onto a plate


I like to form my very own popcorn for this formula. It’s an exceptionally straightforward interaction and it doesn’t take extremely long. In this manner, I do know precisely what’s in my food, no questionable synthetic substances that you just may discover in the stowed stuff. additionally, popping it reception could be a particularly fun encounter, you’ll shake the pot and irritate anybody around you – it’s truly definitely worth the work.

As you’ll see, I make my very own chocolate shower by consolidating oil and protein powder. On the off chance that you simply truly must take this popcorn to a better level. utilize this MRM Chocolate Mocha protein powder. The mocha protein powder is incredible, it’s Dave’s most loved really!

In the event that you simply conclude you’d prefer to not utilize protein powder, that’s alright, simply utilize 3 tbs. of your favored unsweetened chocolate or cacao powder and a couple of – 3 tbs. coconut sugar or 2-3 bundles of stevia in its place for Chocolate Popcorn.


Chocolate spread covering newly popped popcorn. Protein-stuffed and ah-mazing!

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Course: Dessert, Snack

Cuisine: American

Keyword: popcorn

Planning Time: 12 minsCook

Time: 5 minsTotal

Time: 17 mins

Servings: 4

Author: Samantha Rowland


  • ¼ cup white chocolate popcorn portions
  • ½ tbs. vegetable oil
  • ¼ cup peanuts – discretionary


  • 2 tbs. oil
  • 1 scoop veggie-lover chocolate protein powder
  • 1 tbsp spread – regular
  • 1 tbsp without dairy dull chocolate chips


1. To make popcorn, preheat a large pot (that contains a cover) over medium warmth. After preheated, add copra oil and permit it to liquefy. Add popcorn portions, cover, and shake to ensure all chocolate popcorn is roofed with oil.

2. Let sit for 1-2 minutes, then, at that time shake and stay by the container, proceeding to shake the dish. you’ll hear the most part popping. Set a clock for two minutes.

3. Shake the hunt for gold whole two minutes, DON”t TOUCH THE LID!!

5. On the off chance that you just don’t hear from now on popcorn parts popping, start off heat, in any case, following 2 minutes is up, take this off the heat. Keep covered 1-2 additional minutes to make chocolate popcorn.

6. All chocolate popcorn portions should have popped.

7. Make the Chocolate Protein Sauce: in an exceedingly bowl, dissolve 2 tbsp. copra oil and paste, either over a twofold kettle or within the microwave. Add protein powder and blend to consolidate. Add chocolate chip or chocolate popcorn. Permit this to liquefy into the sauce, blending to affix.

8. Shower chocolate protein sauce over popcorn, and mix.

9. Add peanuts, mix yet again. Spot in cooler for 10 minutes. Store extras within the refrigerator.

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