Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs Recipe

These mummy dogs—a spookier variant of pigs-in-a-cover—transform customary sausages into a fun, flavorful treat that’s simple enough to assist make. Wieners are enclosed by sickle roll mixture to appear like mummies, and mustard is used for the eyes, making for a cute Halloween treat that’s ideally fitted to a celebration starter, or as a pre-going house to accommodate soliciting for candy supper when joined by murphy and veggie sticks. Serve these mummy canines with mustard and ketchup for plunging.

There are a lot of mummy hot dogs on the earth, however our own is awesome for some central reasons. within the first place, they’re loaded down with cheddar! We like utilizing portions of Yankee cheddar for an ultra velvety and melty nibble. In any case, plow ahead and change something more honed like cheddar.

(Simply make sure the cuts are slim and all-around covered by the sickle mixture.) the opposite explanation this formula wins: Each mummy is brushed with dissolved margarine before baking. Rich, flaky, and messy, you truly can’t end up badly.

For more creepy party thoughts, observe our other Halloween starters. What’s more, if you create this formula, rate it and allow us to in on how you wish it within the remarks beneath.


It has changed into practice to possess a creepy Halloween supper They particularly anticipate mummy wieners. These are fundamentally pigs in an exceedingly cover, yet with a diabolical wind.

The puffy and rich bow batter adds some extraordinary character, alongside the velvety cheddar! However, the fav part would wish to be the eyes. you’ll be able to get a pack of those treats eyes near the baking segment of most stores (these are Wilton brands).

These treats’ eyes sway be useful at Halloween particularly. they will make some incredible beast deals with like Monster Rice Krispies Treats and Gooey Monster Cookies. Have an honest time making a merry occasion spread!


1. 1 (8-ounce) would crescent be able to move the mixture

2. 8 customary size wieners

3. Yellow or earthy colored mustard, for plunging

4. Ketchup, for plunging, discretionary

Steps to create It

1. Accumulate the fixings.

Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs
Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs

2. Preheat the stove to 350 F. Open up sickle rolls to form four square shapes. Press mixture at holes to seal.

Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs
Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs

3. Utilizing a pizza shaper or a blade, cut the mixture into slender strips, around 1/8-inch wide.

Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs
Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs

4. Wrap bow roll batter strips around franks, covering a small amount, and leaving space toward one side for the mummy’s face.

Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs
Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs

5. Spot on a baking sheet, around 1 inch separated, and warm for 14 to 16 minutes until batter is brilliant brown.

Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs
Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs

6. Ready For Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs.

Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs
Halloween Starters Mummy Hot Dogs


long before serving, place some mustard in a bowl. Dunk a toothpick in mustard and use it to create mummy eyes on the wieners. Present with bowls of ketchup and mustard.


Serve mummy canines with Bloody Mary Soup AKA Tomato Soup. Fun right?

Fixing Tips:

  • Stick with Pillsbury brand batter. The imitation brand we attempted didn’t prove outwardly, yet the identical tasted great.
  • Utilize wieners that are loaded up with cheddar inside and avoid the extra cheddar.
  • Overlook the cheddar and make them plain all things considered.
  • Utilize any brand of sausage that you simply like. Assuming you utilize an even bigger measured imp, make sure that they’re temperature in order that they are going to be warmed through with regards to the very time that the mixture is finished baking. you will likewise need to build the measure of mixture with the goal that you just have enough to hide the whole rascal.

Mummy Eyes: There are numerous ways in which you’ll be able to make the eyes for these mummies. you’ll utilize barely of mustard or ketchup. I utilized sweets eyes, I’d prefer to observe that you simply must add them AFTER the mummies are prepared the other way they’ll soften within the stove.

Putting away INFO

To make ahead, roll theirs the prior night and store them canvassed within the refrigerator and afterward prepare the subsequent day.

To FREEZE ahead, gather mummy canines then, at that time, place them on a baking sheet then, at that time, freeze. When frozen exchange them to a cooler safe Ziploc. they’ll confine the cooler for as long as 2 months. To heat: don’t defrost. Just spot the frozen mummy canines on a baking sheet and warm for 20-25 minutes.

STORE extra mummy canines within the refrigerator for 2-3 days or within the cooler for around a month and a half. To warm them, heat up the stove to 350 degrees, Heat the mummies for around 4-5 minutes or until warmed through.


  • Preheat the stove to 375° and fix an unlimited baking sheet with material paper. Separate bow mixture into 4 square shapes, squeezing together creases as important. Cut every square shape the great distance into meager strips.
  • Cut each cut of yank cheddar into 4 strips.
  • Spot a sausage on top of a bit of cheddar, then, at that time, wrap with sickle batter to seem like gauzes. (You’ll require around 4 bits of sickle batter per sausage.) Repeat with residual fixings.
  • Spot on a pre-arranged baking sheet and brush with softened margarine.
  • Prepare until the sickle mixture is brilliant and cooked through, 12 to fifteen minutes.
  • Utilizing a toothpick, spot mustard onto each wiener to form eyes.


You can wrap the wieners with the batter early, place them on a baking sheet, and store them within the fridge until you’re prepared to heat.

Recipe Variations

Messy Mummies: Add a bit of Yankee cheddar, that’s sliced to the scale of the frank, to the underside of the sausages before enclosing them by the batter. you’ll likewise cut an upward cut within the franks and spot bits of cheddar inside before wrapping them with sickle batter.

Googly Eyed Mummies: rather than utilizing spots of mustard, you’ll be able to “stick” sweets eyes to the mummies’ faces utilizing mustard or ketchup.

Smaller than expected Mummies: Use intoxicant wieners or little frankfurters (lil’ smokies) rather than the quality sausages.

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