Loaded Tater Tots Recipe (With Bacon)

Tater tots pose the perfect viewpoint for industrialized food. Crunchy, pungent, oily, carby — they’re designed for you to travel gaga for them. This stacked formula gets serious about the fun by garnishing a plate of fresh children with plenty of fine stuff.

To qualify as “stacked,” tots must have some kind of melty cheddar and a sprinkle of bacon, at an absolute minimum. While you’ll head any course for the rest of the garnishes, the new accents — new scallions, tomatoes, and cured peppers — during this formula illumine the carb-fest. Top and serve the tots immediately for the most effective surface.

Best Loaded Tater Tot Toppings

The sky is the cutoff with regards to garnishes. Keep any wet garnishes (like harsh cream) to a base, or simply add them at the last possible moment therefore the tots stay firm. Some different toppings to think about are as per the following:

  • Cheddar, harsh cream, and chives
  • Jack cheddar, canned dark beans (very much depleted), and salsa
  • Chicken bosom (barbecued and hacked), cut celery, blue cheddar dressing, and sauce
  • Bar-b-que pulled pork (or chicken), cured onions, cilantro
  • Feta, daintily cut sweet onion, oregano

How to Make Crispy Tater Tots

For the crispiest potato tots, utilize an air fryer if you’ve got one. On the off chance that, as within the formula, you’re utilizing the stove, simply make a degree to not over-burden the baking sheet with children.

Masterminding them during a solitary layer without congestion will guarantee they heat uniformly and find brilliant earthy colors everywhere.

How to Make Loaded Tater Tots Vegetarian

Rather than bacon, you’ll add pre-cooked plant-based meat (simply disintegrate it into little pieces within the wake of cooking) or simply pass over the bacon and increment the rest of the fixings just barely, whenever wanted.


1. Orchestrate two racks to isolate the stove into thirds and hotness the broiler to 425°F.

2. Orchestrate 1 (28 to 32-ounce) pack potato children during a solitary layer on a rimmed baking sheet. Prepare on the lower rack until brilliant brown and fresh, 40 to 45 minutes. within the meantime, line a second rimmed baking sheet with tin foil (ideally substantial).

Mastermind 8 ounces of cut bacon in an exceedingly solitary layer on the baking sheet. Heat on the upper rack until cooked and fresh, around 20 minutes.

3. In the meantime, found the garnishes: Grate 8 ounces Colby Jack cheddar on the massive openings of a case grater (around 2 cups). Meagerly cut 4 medium scallions. Divide 1 cup of cherry tomatoes. Channel 1/4 cup salted jalapeño cuts and smudge dry with a towel.

4. At the purpose when the bacon is ready, move to a plate or clean chopping board and let cool totally. Coarsely cleave or disintegrate cooled bacon into scaled-down pieces.

5. For the purpose of when the potato children are prepared sprinkle uniformly with the cheddar. Heat until the cheddar is dissolved, 5 to 10 minutes. Sprinkle with the bacon, scallions, cherry tomatoes, and salted jalapeños. Serve immediately.


General tips: Loaded toddlers don’t take well to being refrigerated or frozen; they’re best consumed right while they’re heretofore fresh and hot.

Air fryer: For considerably crispier outcomes, cook the potato toddlers in an air fryer (here’s the ticket). Keep a watch on them sooner, as they’re going to generally cook all the sooner.

Move the air-singed tots to a rimmed baking sheet before garnishing and baking as coordinated.

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