9 Teen Skincare Tips “No One Tells You!”

Hey guys happy day welcome back to the Lifelike Pharma. Today’s article is going to be all about teen skincare tips no one tells you about pretty much everything in your teen years like your first kiss, your first crash even figuring out your first skincare routine can be quite confusing.

Are you feeling hormonal is your skin breaking out in acne and pimples is your skin oily but still feels dry if you have any of these issues just keep reading my tips.

I’ll be sharing with you guys some tips and tricks on how to keep your skin radiant pimple free and just clear in your teen years. So if you want to see what they are just keep watching with any skincare routine I always like to get comfortable in my nice fluffy robe and then put on my spot headband which keeps my hair away from the face, and then I might add my hair back with a scrunchie I love these things.

 Tip #1. Remove Dirt and Oil from face

The first step I’m going to share with you guys is to always remove the dirt and oil even if you don’t have any makeup on already skincare on it’s always good to start with a clean surface that’s why I love the bioderma sensitive h2o micellar water. It’s fragrance-free paraben-free and alcohol-free, and it’s great for red and intolerant sensitive skin with just a couple of cotton pads and swipe swipes wipe.

 Tip #2. Low PH Cleansing

Then I’m done with the next skincare tip no one tells you is to use low pH cleansers one of my favorites is the Vichy pare teather mount. This is great especially if you’re in your teen years why hard water alkaline soaps and body washes especially in the shower can disrupt your pH. So, you want to keep your skin so optimal pH balance of 5.5 this keeps your skin soft and supple without that tight and dry feeling.

Tip #3. Use Face Brush

Another tip I highly recommend is getting a face brush even if you don’t have that something like this like a baby skin smoother is super affordable and easy to use and brush helps get into those areas where your fingers can when I’m finished cleansing I just run up with warm water and pat dry one tip.

Tip #4. Keep Skin Cool

I wish I knew in high school was to keep my skin cool if you heated, or you play a lot of sports, and you’re sweating all the time even a cold rinse once throughout the day can do wonders.

Tip #5. Tone Oily Skin

Using toner in my teen years was a lifesaver. This was especially helpful when I had oily skin and breakouts that’s why I love the fair witch hazel I love your toner it’s a great skincare ingredient because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that help manage things like eczema, acne, psoriasis aloe is also packed full of antioxidants that help the skin stay firm and moisturized.

Tip #6. Pimple Busters

A tried-and-tested tip that I have stood by for years is using toothpaste. This is the Jason C Fresh one I just take a tiny amount and apply it over any pimples or breakout sit’s even good as a preventative measurer. Well this is also a cost-effective way you can want to get rid of pimples fast I leave this on for no longer than five minutes, and then I just wipe it off with a wet towel you might find a little bit of redness, but I find this goes down in just a few seconds. So it’s not a big deal but if you do find it more irritating just do a test patch first before applying it to your breakout know if you want something that has a bit more punch.  It also is formulated with sulfur in vitamin b3, and it’s really great for blemish-prone skin.

Tip #7.  Essence > Cream

Another tip I wish I knew was using essence instead of heavy cream and in your teenage years your skin is quite sensitive so the lighter your moisturizer is I find that it works better this blemish water Bank Hydra essence is one of my favorites.

Tip #8. Start Retinol

One thing that I wish I started earlier was using retinol one of my favorites is the Olay Regenerist but not 24 face moisturizers this is super gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave any issue mist or redness fun fact about retinols that it’s not just used for anti-aging. It can also help with acne scars with skin texture and smoothness in the skin this is a great addition to put into your skincare routine at nighttime,  If you’re starting out with retinol apply gradually and work your way from there.

 Tip #9. Wear SPF 30

And last but not least one of the most important things in your teen years is to use sunscreen. Durham recommends using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 which blocks 97% of the sun’s UV rays a higher number of SPF just block sit a bit more not too much. So the minimum you should be using is 30 and try to do it 30 minutes before going out in the Sun Sunscreen isn’t just for the face don’t forget your lips  I hope you guys enjoyed this article.

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